Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning

We specialise in Cleaning Gutters and Solar Panels as often these come hand in hand. As we have our industrial vacuum handy, we can clean your gutters and the solar panels while also suggesting preventative measures to stop this happening again.

Key Benefits

Solar panel cleaning is important because they create energy and slash energy prices in the long run. Regular maintenance ensures they are working efficiently. If you prepare your panels correctly, you should not have to maintain them at all. Birds and animals bring mess and problems to the solar panels, as do trees and other debris. We can help you with this problem. The rain and wind will brush off fine debris like dust. Tackle the problem of larger deposits regularly at the source. Solar panel cleaning is very important in some situations. Therefore the job must be done very carefully. Above all, if you use a high-pressure cleaner to was the panels they will be damaged from the water pressure. You should wash the panels with care like you would a car.

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Common Problems With Solar Panels

Common problems we see with solar panels include the nesting of birds underneath them. For Instance birds and other wildlife nest and create a mess, the mess diverts into your gutters. Plants will start to grow in the gutter once the mess builds up (Animals produce great growing conditions with their poop, the gutter acts as a compost).  Mould builds up on the top of the panel which decreases efficiency, this should be cleaned off.


Fixing The Problem

We can come out to you to fix this problem. Our vacuum can get rid of the mess in the gutter as well as the mess created underneath the panels. We will then install a non-invasive protective mesh around the entry points to keep animals out.

After installation, we will come back after a month to make sure everything is still intact, thus, the problem resolved.

You can check out our blog posts section for more information about how to get rid of animals from under your solar panels.

We would not recommend anybody to clean at heights by themselves. Therefore we strongly recommend hiring a professional.

Get in contact with us now. We can come to have a look at your house for you. We will provide you with a quote for getting the job done.

Solar Panel Cleaning
Solar Panel Cleaning
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